How is your breathing as of lately?

A few years back I was speaking with a friend and somehow our conversation shifted towards suicide. She said that she couldn’t believe how someone could end their life when they hadn’t given life to themselves. In her point of view, it was a sin or borderline a murder and that person would go to … Continue reading How is your breathing as of lately?

A year of learning…and breathing

A few days ago, I was talking about new year resolutions with my bestfriend and I told her that I would like to have a period of time when I’m not chasing anything at all. I just wanted to breathe, not chase any goal and be at peace with that. It might sound lazy to … Continue reading A year of learning…and breathing

Why you should be open to the idea of online dating…(+tips) ?

Well, hello there 😉 It's been a while since I've blogged but hey...issa pandemic Today I will be presenting my case to you in hopes that you can open your mind to the idea of online dating and doing it safely. First, here are my main reasons as to why I tried online dating: Busy … Continue reading Why you should be open to the idea of online dating…(+tips) ?

What if they don’t stay?

A few weeks ago, I was having an interesting conversation with someone about what their wish for the world was. Their initial wish was for there to not be “deadbeat dads” in this world. It was for parents to not have the option of walking out of their children’s lives. Soon enough, it dawned on … Continue reading What if they don’t stay?

III. *6 Days *

A poetry series...start here. III.Dear Congo  Some days you break my heart  I wonder if I’ll ever piece myself back together  Other days you show me the kind of love  I could never get from any other country  And whenever you open your arms wide  I wonder which day it’s going to be  The one … Continue reading III. *6 Days *

II. *6 Days*

A poetry series...start here. II. Will Tell the children  To keep their innocence  Tell the daughters  To be warriors  Tell the sons  To stay brave Tell the world  To be wary of its silence  We’ve left seeds  And they’ll multiply  All by faith  All in love  Tell the heavens We’re bringing more angels  Tell the … Continue reading II. *6 Days*

I. *6 Days *

*The following content might be disturbing or triggering to some readers* In light of current events that are taking place in South Kivu (DRC), this poetry series aims to express the frustrations of anyone who may come from a minority group. Banyamulenge - ethnic tutsi group of people from the High Plateau of South Kivu … Continue reading I. *6 Days *

What scares you the most about starting over?

I’ve always loved travelling and it didn't  matter whether it was 45 min away from home or 30 hours. The idea of going away fascinated me and so I felt like I was on good terms with Change.  I forgot that each time I went away for a day or a month, it felt so … Continue reading What scares you the most about starting over?

Who brings you peace?

Earlier this year, I finally started my career in Engineering. It was exciting at first and confusing at the same time. I thought  college was the hardest part but working in the field +adulting is a challenge on another level and in its own way. When the honeymoon phase was over, I realized that there … Continue reading Who brings you peace?

A journey

*In loving memory of those we loved and lost on the night of August 13th, 2004 - Gatumba, Burundi Fifteen years later Fifteen years without youWhat still hurts is the how What still stings is the why How your souls were snatched awayWhy your existence put a whole country On national emergencyFifteen years later Fifteen years without justiceThey saw us … Continue reading A journey