Well, hello there 😉

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but hey…issa pandemic

Today I will be presenting my case to you in hopes that you can open your mind to the idea of online dating and doing it safely.

First, here are my main reasons as to why I tried online dating:

  1. Busy : Aren’t we all? I have a 9-5 like many other people and i would usually commute to work for 3hrs (roundtrip) everyday. A girl would get home TIIRED..
  2. Homebody : I – and I cannot stress this enough – thoroughly enjoy the comfort of my own home so the idea of leaving my home to go outside requires a really solid plan. Check part 3.
  3. Outings : If I’m going out it’s because I’ve made up a plan either with someone or by myself. If I am going to meet up with someone, they will have all my attention because if they got me to leave the house, I either missed them a lot or they are my friend. If I have plans with myself then it’s probably my self-care day (movie, shopping, manicure, etc.) and I am not looking for someone to be with.
  4. Freedom: When you meet someone for the first time in your circle of friends (because that would be the most likely place for my homebody self to do so), it is hard to say no if they ask for your number, information and even worse, when things don’t work out, you will still see them around because they are part of your friend’s circle.

*There won’t be any con’s to online dating as long as you do it safely and without high expectations. You might not necessarily find “the one” but you might make new friends, lovers, learn new skills, learn new spots, get connected with the world that is not limited to your bubble.

Let’s get to the fun part…online dating…

I will be giving advice based on Tinder, and before you exit, hear me out – I got a plan for you that may or may not have worked for me 😉

  1. Figure out what you want. Is it a one night stand, casual lover, a friend, a relationship?
  2. Find the pictures that can adequately portray what you are looking for but keep it fun.
  3. Sign up for premium (only for a month) because this gives you a deadline so you don’t waste a whole year and instead try it again at a different time of the year.

*BONUS INFO: When you sign up for premium, you will get to see who has already swiped right on you. Instead of wasting your time swiping on other people’s profiles that may or may not swipe right back at you, why not put the chances on your side and only deal with people who have shown an interest in you?

4. Add your education and/or job position because while it’s tiring to work on your CV, the biggest advice is to put your best out there first. So with online dating, you want people to have an idea of your “educational or professional background”

*BONUS INFO: When you do so, you attract two types of people – those who want to date you because of it (e.g oh she’s a doctor, that’s cute. I would like to have a doctor girlfriend sounds fun) or those who want to date you because of it (e.g. oh she’s a doctor, I am an engineer, we will have a lot to talk about , learn from each other, etc. ) Most of us have spent more than 12 years pursuing education and it would be fun to have that in common with our partner or to have similar aspirations, etc…(imo)

5. Add a well thought-out bio that weeds out those who are not in the pool of people you want to meet. For instance, if you’re looking for a casual lover, it could be “here for a good time not a long time”, if you’re looking for a serious relationship maybe go for ” swipe right if you think you’re the one for me..”. I am no professional so make it personal but send the message.

Also, this is where you can add your hobby that you would appreciate your partner to enjoy. STAND OUT !

6. Ask questions and do not give out your number until you’re sure…the great thing about online dating is you know the other person is looking for something as well so you don’t have to be shy about asking deep questions. It is common for people to ask for your number but you can give them snapchat instead and block them if it’s too much

7. Only meet when you’re ready because there is no rush. You can choose to block them at any point, you can choose to have the date during daylight. You don’t have to see the person if you don’t want to and since they were not in your circle to begin with.. that situation is disposable

8. Multi-date and be open to other cultures because you don’t have that pressure to only talk to one person so you can have five chats going at a time and see what works for you.

9. And when you find someone you like.. well..

…you’ve got this afterwards.. enjoy, have fun and whether it lasts or not, remember there was a ride to begin with…and life goes on.

*Online dating is not a substitute to being open to people outside, it’s just convenient and a great complement to the traditional dating.

I hope this article was helpful.

I wish you to find whatever it is you’re looking for and that you’re happy in the end.

Love Always,


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