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III.Dear Congo 

Some days you break my heart 

I wonder if I’ll ever piece myself back together 

Other days you show me the kind of love 

I could never get from any other country 

And whenever you open your arms wide 

I wonder which day it’s going to be 

The one where I feel all your warmth 

Or the one you cut right through me 

It can be confusing

Navigating through your trauma 

You’ve been through so many wars 

You’ve forgotten who your children are 

And I would like to take your pain away

I am just not that strong 

So I’ve decided to give you some space 

But next time you ask me 

To go back where I come from 

Remember this,

You birthed me 

I come from from you 

And if I am ever to go back anywhere 

It’ll be for me to be where you are 

Because I’ll forever be congolese 

Even after you’ve killed me

-Marianne Murekatete 

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