*The following content might be disturbing or triggering to some readers*

In light of current events that are taking place in South Kivu (DRC), this poetry series aims to express the frustrations of anyone who may come from a minority group.
Banyamulenge – ethnic tutsi group of people from the High Plateau of South Kivu (DRC).
Since April this year, armed rebels “Mai Mai” with the help of other neighboring countries’ armed groups have been burning villages, stealing livestock, with the sole purpose of leaving the banyamulenge to die of hunger and poverty.

I. Dialogue
What will you do after you’ve killed us? 
Will your nightmares finally disappear? 
Men like you mustn’t have ever slept sound, no?
When you’ve spent all the money from our cows, 
What will you do? 
Surely you won’t keep them now, will you?
You wouldn’t know how to keep anything alive,
Not even yourself.
You let your men die in vain.
You put them at the forefront, feeding them lies.
Telling them we’re the enemies 
That their duty is to keep the country safe 
And you’ve honed them since a young age 
Of course they’ll believe you 
How do you feel, deviating young souls from a
Brighter future, all for a promise of power? 
But I get you
Without your guns, you’re nobody. 
Without this war, you’re nobody.
Without these deaths, you’re nobody. 
Without us, you’re a nobody. 

-Marianne Murekatete 


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