A couple of days ago I was really not having this so-called life. It was one of those stressful days where even waking up is a struggle. There’s something about knowing that someone has provided you with everything possible including sacrificing their entire existence for you to have a better education that just makes it even more stressful when you aren’t even close to getting your s.h.i.t together. I can mess up my life no problem, I can waste my time no problem, I can do anything with no problem but the minute someone elses’ life is involved then that’s a NO because it’s so unfair and selfish to drag someone else into a mess you’ve created yourself. I had to do something.

A year ago I was in Dayton, OH from school walking down the parking lot to get to my apartment when I noticed the dozens of trees as the sun hid behind its empty branches. The scene was so beautiful, so pure I made a haiku out of it,

You look even

better leafless

part whole

part empty

-Marianne Murekatete

I remembered that poem and what it meant to me. I learned a valuable lesson from those leafless trees : you can be empty and whole at the same time. While the trees appeared leafless that one may call the tree “empty” they were still whole because they were still beautiful and had the full shape of a tree, also because within themselves they held the power to bring about leaves.

In other words, it is okay to ” not have it all together”. It is okay to be empty-handed. It is okay to look “empty” as long as you realize that you are ” whole” right in that moment simultaneously. You are whole because you are your own source, the universe has given you all you need.

What is known as the law of conservation of energy from Albert Einstein states,

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

In other words you were created whole by The Master of the Universe and when you feel “empty” you are in fact whole because you hold the power to bring out the energy that’s already in you.

All of this to say, you and I are better off banning the word ” I can’t” from our speech. Anytime you say “I can’t” your brain starts giving up on that which you were still working on because it assumes it’s Mission Impossible. The moment you say “I can’t drive a car”, your brain gives you the idea of trying the bicycle.

If you and I would start pointing things just the way they are without attaching our personal judgement, we would be getting somewhere.  If you and I could say ” Learning how to drive a car is hard”  instead of “I can’t drive” we would already be putting our brains to work saying, “GO FIND ME A WAY” The solution then becomes maybe ask a professional, take driving lessons, etc. This we do it because we know “within” there must be a way.

It is okay for you to not have it all together.

It is okay to be a work-in-progress.

We all are and the “work” is what creates the difference.

Love Always,


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