As I woke up today knowing it was International women’s day, two thoughts rushed through my mind:

  1. I am honored to be where I am and doing what I am doing because of all the women before me who have sacrificed their existence so I can go after my dreams. From my grandmother, who was left widowed with 12 kids and had to find a way to send all of them (boys and girls) to school with only a couple of cows to start with, my mother The Queen who has been  mother to hundreds of people, and finally my big sister The one and only whom I can never compare myself with, she’s way up.
  2. I am honoring the promise I made to a 30 year old woman that I would do whatever it is in my power to break the glass ceiling in my community all the while breaking the silence on forced marriages and rape culture. Herself, gang-raped at 15, shamed for being vocal about her story, unable to finish high school; she now lives with her father whom she takes care of. It is because of her that I write, It is because of women like her that i cannot afford to lose.

I do not believe in self-made success literally. Everything has a beginning, a source, whether we would like to admit it or not. To me, women’s day is less about me and more about all the women around me, including yourself. Yes you! This one is for you:

Thank you!

Thank you for being. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being a grandmother, a mother, a sister, a friend, a best friend, a lover. Thank you for coming with all your quirks and flaws, dimples and dark spots. Thank you for coming in all colors, forms and shapes. Thank you for every feature of your body that we can now use to define ‘woman’. Thank you for being a stay-at-home mom, a teen mom, a wife, a business woman, a student, a girl, a toddler. Thank you for being a CEO, an employee, a janitor, a doctor, a singer, a painter, a poet, …Thank you for allowing us to see your vulnerability and sorry if we may make you feel uncomfortable at times. Thank you for sharing you story, your fears, your scars and sorry if you ever felt diminished because of that. Finally, thank you for being woman, we need you as you are! Your past and present both are welcome! Your failures and successes shall be celebrated!

Here’s what I ask of you:

No miracles!

For the 250 million girls across the globe who do not have access to education. Break the glass ceiling! For the hundreds and thousands of victims of violence against women who do not have a voice. Break the glass ceiling! For the women who came before you, pouring everything inside of them from love to hope so you can have a better life. Break the glass ceiling! For the next generation looking up to you to lead them in any type of way any where.Break the glass ceiling! For all who have left too soon with many things left undone but wished for.Break the glass ceiling! For all the women who wish they even had an inch of your freedom.Break the glass ceiling!

I beg. Just be woman. Just be you. Unapologetic.

Now tell me,

Will you break the glass ceiling?


Love Always,






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