A few nights ago I went to prepare for my classes in the study room on our apartment floor. I was eating my mini tarts when another student walked in to do her work. I made a comment about my tart and we both laughed as I was explaining how I and a friend of mine had complained earlier about how expensive our meal plan is yet are not allowed to take anything out of the dining hall so we played revenge and took some tarts (as if they cared about our little devious plan).smh. Twenty minutes into our conversation I felt like I was in a whole other universe, our conversation had quickly shifted from funny to intellectual and very profound as far as life is concerned.

One of my favorite poet ever Nayyirah Waheed wrote in her book ‘Salt’:

getting yourself together.

what about undoing yourself.

We talked for an hour and I couldn’t stop myself from being in awe of her experience as a woman as well as what she brings to this world. Every now and then it is important to have a girl talk or simply a talk with someone on an intellectual level ( not educational necessarily) because like a library each one of us carries deep within stories, memories and knowledge worthy to be told and accepted as such. Oprah has done such a phenomenal job bringing all types of people to her Super Soul Sunday series in hopes it inspires those of us watching, which it does.

Here are two main lessons that I learned from my new friend:

  1. Destiny requires vulnerability and fear is our way of exit. Some of us have fears coiled deep within us that makes us run away from places, people, situations that are meant to be our home simply because in order to dwell in such a place we must be willing to unlearn, undo ourselves (raw) even when we have spent a lifetime perfecting the art of pretense.
  2. What is not bound to happen will not happen no matter how much you work for it or want it and this is how the universe (or God) lets us know that we need to shift our focus.

One of my favorite spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson in her book ‘A return to love’ focuses on the matter of love as the only thing that is real. She talks about how when we are still babies before we are taught who to love, what to love, who to be, who to not be, how to smile, how to keep quiet and so much more, we are our perfect self, we are Love. The return to love is basically the return to our most innocent self. The way to think of this is to not allow anything from the outside to get to us or pour anything from the inside out that is not rooted in love. For example if you have a comment on how someone else’s lifestyle check with yourself first if your thought was rooted in love for that person’s wellbeing and not your personal agenda.

Here is what I know for sure:

  1. Love is all there is to Learn, Relearn and Unlearn over and over again.


  1. Rebellion is a symptom of pain not a proof of freedom therefore we must be unapologetically not recklessly ourselves.

Now tell me;

What do you know for sure?


Love Always,


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